Drunken Rant 4/29/2016

I don’t even know what to rant about. I just wanted to feel the keys under my finger tips and see words being created from nonexistence on this plain, boring white space. The white space is my enemy and I must fill it with my obscenity.

I hate the little red squiggly lines that tell you something is mispelled. Fuck you.

There is so much hatred in the world. Between not letting people use bathrooms (which boils down to not letting people be themselves) to the army shooting up a children’s hospital.

Shit is fucked up.

My dog and cat hate each other, but sometimes, late at night after everything has turned in for their nights rest, they will cuddle together and it is perfect.

I don’t get why people can’t be like my cat and dog.


Drunk Philosophy October 18th, 2015

Eating is a terrible design flaw by our makers, whether it be a God, or nature. We, and by We, I mean everything living, from humpback whales down to humans and even downer to the bacteria that eat our what’s in our guts, spend our existence roaming the wild for stuff to shove in our mouths, only to shit it out four to eight hours later. This is almost as bed as sleeping, being completely defenseless for four to eight hours. Whoever thought of this must be either a jokester of the most sophisticated kind, or criminally incompetent. If he is the former, than bravo, but if he is the latter…

But, we have to do both. We have to eat and sleep, and drink and fuck. That’s our whole existence. Everything we do is to fulfill those four needs. Eat, Sleep, Drink, Fuck. People will say they live for other things: To help those in need, or, To fuckin’ rock, bro, but those boil down to needing the other four.

The person who lives to serve does so out of a self sustaining need. If they help the group, they are part of the group, therefore safe from being shunned, and alone, which would entail being left hungry; for within the group, resources are shared. That fulfills the food. Groups also find shelter, and help the others when they need it. It may also lead to tail. By helping others, you are helping yourself. Whether it’s known consciously, or not, it’s still for yourself. Atruism is a form of selfishness.

And those who live to fuckin rock, they do so, as it appeases the crowd. Their rocking drives the masses wild, which is approval. Approval from the group leads to the four essentials: Eat, Sleep, Drink, Fuck.

Drink can be intrepreted two different ways: Water, the h2o essential for living, and for Beer, or whiskey or whatever. Humans have sought out ways of changing their consciousness since the dawn of time. Monkeys ate mushrooms, which expanded their minds into humans today. It’s a fact; Google it. One of human needs is to get high, whether it be drink, smoke, or snort, we want to get fucked up and change our perspective for the better. Despite what your government tells you, this is NOT a bad thing, as long as it is done responsibly and withing reason and isn’t hurting anyone. If a man wants to smoke crack, there should be a sanctioned crack den, where it is administered responsibly, the man is watched over, he gets to chill at this fancy ass crack den. Only catch is, he isn’t allowed at this den, or any other within this state, for the next 120 days, or something like that. He has a magical crack smoking weekend, then on Monday, goes back to his job, looking forward to his next Crack-acation.

Back on topic.

Man’s needs are to Eat, Sleep, Drink, And Fuck.

And two of those are stupid.