When the Nazis came to Town

WHO: Nazis (Tradition Worker’s Party) vs. Antifa and the people

WHAT: Nazi Rally to recruit and spread the word of Donald Trump turns into “Mass Casualty Event”

WHERE: Sacramento Capitol

WHEN: June 26th 2016

WHY: Some high ranking Nazi was recently released from Prison and thought he could come to Sacramento, the most diverse city in the world, and try recruiting. They failed. Hard.

On the 100 degree morning of June 26th 2016, hundreds of people of all colors gathered at the California state capitol in Sacramento to protest a Nazi rally, being held to recruit the youth. The Tradition Workers Party, a Nazi front, obtained a permit to hold their little rally at noon on the steps of the Capitol building. By 9:30 AM however, hundreds had already gathered to protest the rally, armed in homemade riot gear, with baseball bats and shields.

We (being myself, Nic, and Chad) thought we were arriving early, but by the time we got there, two huge crowds had ammassed on the sidewalks of the capitol, aiming chants and banners at passerby vehicles. We took seats across the street in front of a quaint ice cream shop that told us they were closed for the day due to the rally. We sat at the chairs as SWAT teams straight out of a video game passed us by. Cops of all different uniforms paced back and forth, “You guys got the best seat in the house,” they would say, “Ready for a show?”

We were approached by two probation officers and asked about our intentions. With hindsight, I can see why they thought we were out of place, standing across the street from the protest watching; me, a poster child of Aryan whiteness, with blonde hair and blue eyes; Nic, with the shaved head and supervillian beard; and Chad, a 21st century Viking with matching tattoos, that at a glance, do look like some racist symbology. We assured the cops we were well-intentioned citizens coming to do our part in whooping Nazi ass. They still shadowed us for most of the day.

It was at this point we realized that if we looked like Nazis to the cops, we probably looked like Nazis to the Protestors across the street. We made our way into the crowds, where the smell of weed and anger was riling everybody up into a frenzied state. Police blocked off the streets with their bodies, like gargoyles scaring away pigeons, not letting anyone pass. Our Probation Pals were always five feet away from us. The cops marched around, in SWAT formations and on their horsies, as a sign of authority. To let us know who was really in charge. Snipers stood on the roof, aiming rifles at the crowd the whole time, praying that one of us would draw a weapon so they had an excuse to explode somebodies head. We stood around for fifteen or so minutes, trading rumors amongst the people, before everyone decided to congregate on the steps, the same place the Nazis had been permitted by the city to inhabit for their rally. We weren’t there for 10 minutes before the first Nazi sighting.

One brave (yet very low I.Q.’ed) individual in a green hat and a Nazi propaganda shirt began running around the outside perimeter, whacking protestors in the heads with a stick. When the mob caught on, they chased that boy down. For the most part, the kid was able to evade the tacklers, even making it to the police standing guard on the street. Forgetting this was the real world and not some game of tag where your safe when you touch base, the kid looked to the cops for help. They stood aside, giving him their trademarked compassionless stare. The mob got their hands on him, tossing him to the ground and stomping him a few times, before the cops finally intervened, saving him from no doubt a bloody death, with rubber bullets and a barricade of bicycles. Several protesters were caught in the brawl, with the bike cops using their bicycles to smash a dude. “And, I’m the facist?” you can hear the kid asking the crowd as police escorted him across the street. The answer is yes, of course, and the Anti-fascist protesters were also being facist if we boil the word down to it’s barest entomological definition, being a bully. But, he was a Nazi. So, fuck him. We were all Fascists that day.

“Fascism” and all variations thereof where the words of the day. Everywhere you looked, someone was yelling at someone else calling them a fascist. At one point, a woman stood up to the group and simply yelled, “Hate will not conquer hate”, being met with anger yells of being a fascist and things being thrown. Several protesters got into her face and screamed so loud I couldn’t make out what they were saying. All of the cops were met with scorn and hate and cries of Fascism. We live in a Fascist state. Our government is Fascist. The Starbucks across the street was a hub of Fascism. “You faggot ass police!” One guy yelled. Another guy in the crowd, with a mouselike demeanor replied, “hey man, don’t call them faggots. they’re fascists.” The first guy did apologize to the police and the offended protester, to his credit, before calling the police “punk ass Fascist bitches”.

The crowd cheered for winning the first battle. Actual war horns were being used. Chants were raising as high as their blood. There was talk that the Nazis weren’t even going to show up. This was just the quiet before the storm. Then it got real.

Without warning, the group began running towards the southside of the capitol building. People ran across the lawn, yelling “Nazis! Nazis!” I could see flag poles (or in most cases, 2X4s with flags stapled to them) being used as weapons, but not much else over the heap of humans. I couldn’t tell which side was which, as both sides were dressed in all black. Fights were occurring all around me, but as soon as I would run over, the Nazis would have already been defeated. All sorts of debris lay around covered in blood. The plants along the pathways were splattered in blood.

On the sidewalk outside the capitol lay a young man, gushing blood out of his stomach. He, and five others, were stabbed during the fights. A group of protesters were crouched around him, applying a makeshift tourniquet, screaming for help. 20 meters from him on the lawn was another protestor, stabbed in the stomach, receiving the same attention. All of the Nazis had been run off, the stab victims lay waiting for help. People were holding their bleeding heads, cleaning the blood from their noses. There was so much blood.

Finally, police arrived to help the kid bleeding out on the sidewalk. SWAT arrived, pointing their paintball guns at us, telling us to move back as they made a barricade around him, but did nothing. They stood around, aiming guns at us, as a kid bled out behind him. An ambulance wouldn’t come for another 10 minutes or so. Last I heard, the kid is still alive. The second stabbing victim I saw on the lawn was being barricaded by horse cops, but it was the same, with no medical attention being given from the cops. They just looked on, emotionless towards the wounded, threatening sneers towards us.

I’d lost my friends during this chaos, only to see them being the first ones on the two Nazis making national headlines, bloodied and beaten down. Nobody else noticed the man with the Iron Cross tattooed across the back of his bald head trying to infiltrate our lines and go up to the capitol. They made it 20 feet before feeling the wraith of the crowd. Fists, boots, bottles, and chunks of concrete from a broken ashtray flew, knocking both Nazis down. They were met with a barage of violence, before the horse cops stepped in, putting their animals in harms way, as people continued hurling objects. With a forcefield of horse-riding Pigs, the Nazi was allowed to give a Seig Heil Salute on the capitol steps. The Nazis were kept in the capitol, protected by the police, as windows were smashed and the crowd demanded Nazi beheading.

The protesters secured the capitol steps, in a symbolic take over, letting the Nazis know they lost. 20 or 30 minutes passed by, with groups of protesters walking the perimeter, watching with vigilance for any more signs of Nazis, when the two Nazis who made it into the capitol were brought out. One came out on a stretcher, giving the Seig Heil salute as he was being loaded into the ambulance. His friend followed. Both were wrapped in bandages and stained with blood.

With the rest of the Nazis scattered to the wind, the rest of the day was spent reading white people condemning the violence from the safety of their keyboards back home. “Even Nazis have a right to free speech” was the most popular comment across the interweb, but this wasn’t about Nazis right to free speech. Long before the day even started, the TWP website was calling this rally their “Thermopyles”, an ancient Greek battle, not a peaceful demonstration. The TWP twitter page shared a cute photo of the Nazis holding up weapons and shields, saying their “comrades were ready to march”. Their whole intention was to recruit the youth to join their little club that inspires hate and violence. Were we hypocrites for fighting violence with violence? Probably. But, at the end of the day, I slept fine knowing my city did the right thing when the Nazis came to town and booted them the fuck out.


Drunken Rant 4/29/2016

I don’t even know what to rant about. I just wanted to feel the keys under my finger tips and see words being created from nonexistence on this plain, boring white space. The white space is my enemy and I must fill it with my obscenity.

I hate the little red squiggly lines that tell you something is mispelled. Fuck you.

There is so much hatred in the world. Between not letting people use bathrooms (which boils down to not letting people be themselves) to the army shooting up a children’s hospital.

Shit is fucked up.

My dog and cat hate each other, but sometimes, late at night after everything has turned in for their nights rest, they will cuddle together and it is perfect.

I don’t get why people can’t be like my cat and dog.


Drunk Philosophy October 18th, 2015

Eating is a terrible design flaw by our makers, whether it be a God, or nature. We, and by We, I mean everything living, from humpback whales down to humans and even downer to the bacteria that eat our what’s in our guts, spend our existence roaming the wild for stuff to shove in our mouths, only to shit it out four to eight hours later. This is almost as bed as sleeping, being completely defenseless for four to eight hours. Whoever thought of this must be either a jokester of the most sophisticated kind, or criminally incompetent. If he is the former, than bravo, but if he is the latter…

But, we have to do both. We have to eat and sleep, and drink and fuck. That’s our whole existence. Everything we do is to fulfill those four needs. Eat, Sleep, Drink, Fuck. People will say they live for other things: To help those in need, or, To fuckin’ rock, bro, but those boil down to needing the other four.

The person who lives to serve does so out of a self sustaining need. If they help the group, they are part of the group, therefore safe from being shunned, and alone, which would entail being left hungry; for within the group, resources are shared. That fulfills the food. Groups also find shelter, and help the others when they need it. It may also lead to tail. By helping others, you are helping yourself. Whether it’s known consciously, or not, it’s still for yourself. Atruism is a form of selfishness.

And those who live to fuckin rock, they do so, as it appeases the crowd. Their rocking drives the masses wild, which is approval. Approval from the group leads to the four essentials: Eat, Sleep, Drink, Fuck.

Drink can be intrepreted two different ways: Water, the h2o essential for living, and for Beer, or whiskey or whatever. Humans have sought out ways of changing their consciousness since the dawn of time. Monkeys ate mushrooms, which expanded their minds into humans today. It’s a fact; Google it. One of human needs is to get high, whether it be drink, smoke, or snort, we want to get fucked up and change our perspective for the better. Despite what your government tells you, this is NOT a bad thing, as long as it is done responsibly and withing reason and isn’t hurting anyone. If a man wants to smoke crack, there should be a sanctioned crack den, where it is administered responsibly, the man is watched over, he gets to chill at this fancy ass crack den. Only catch is, he isn’t allowed at this den, or any other within this state, for the next 120 days, or something like that. He has a magical crack smoking weekend, then on Monday, goes back to his job, looking forward to his next Crack-acation.

Back on topic.

Man’s needs are to Eat, Sleep, Drink, And Fuck.

And two of those are stupid.